Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Harry is brilliant, I am not so much

I had this awesome post bragging up how brilliant Harry is, and it also had a political slant and rage against corporate America, and I lost it due to my sad sorry computer skills.

It's difficult to be all self righteous when I feel so computer foolish. But I think I can do it...

Harry is a genius, yep, I said it. He may turn out to be a common criminal, but as far as being a 1st grader, genius.

How can I say this? Here goes. First graders were tested and put into reading levels. By the end of the first marking period they should be at level 4, level 8 in December, level 14 in January and level 18 at the end of the year. Harry is reading at level 14, he is expected to be at level 18 by Halloween.

So here's a big screw you to all those nasty ladies who give me dirty looks for staying home with my kids.

Now, as far as potty training goes, I am no good at it. Owen is training himself. Cyrus has rage issues and hates clothing. Harry was actually wear two pairs of underwear this morning. But reading, I can help them read.

Now, as I said in the mystical lost post, other countries actually give parents extended paid time off with their children. Years. Really. These are also the countries that have more holiday time for employees, public transportation, open air markets, and good cheese. Gosh, it sounds like, so nice. Fight for change. Stand up for good, fight evil. Move to Europe. Oh, do what you can and at least vote. Or run for office.

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