Friday, September 29, 2006

Fighting the Man

The Man may not technically know that I am fighting him, but battles are sometimes like that. To really make a stand I could move the family out to Wyoming, build a sweet little cabin, pee in an outhouse and end up in a stand off with the Wyoming 5-0 over tax evasion issues.

Since the boys are holding the entire harvest from our garden, we need to work on our gardening skills before we go off the grid.

So, for now, we aren't turning our furnace on until October 1st. It's Michigan folks, it's cold here, we really are taking a stand. We're doing the same thing with our electricity consumption, we're cutting back.

You know that pizza commercial where the family is sitting in the dark and the dad let's them turn the light on just for a second to eat the pizza? That's based on us. No, really, we've switched to CFLs, that's Compact Fluorscent Light bulbs for those of us who can't spell. You can get loads of great energy saving info from Energy Star. I guess the man does know that I am trying to stick it to him by using less energy, because the energy star site has a .gov web address.

So for my Friday Save the World Post here are your tips:

Change a light, Save the World-buy CFLs, reduce your consumption

Go to the Energy Star site and learn other ways to save at home this winter. Yes, you know these things, but are you doing it? Get those cracks sealed up, put down a door draft catcher thing, it doesn't have to be a kitty, they have plain ones too.

One other thing I think is cool that keeps garbage out of the landfills and chemicals out of the water supply is the wonderful dryer balls. Sounds nasty to you pervs out there, but they are available at Bed Bath and Beyond and replace dryer sheets, help your clothes dry quicker and sound pretty in the dryer.
So, knit a sweater and wear it, turn your thermostat down. Help Stick it to the Man.


sae said...

I don’t dispute the idea that using less energy is better for the earth, but I would dispute the idea that you will get it over on the ‘Man’. As we use less energy, the ‘Man’ uses less capital to produce less energy. ‘He’ then raises the price on energy so you pay the same or more for the lesser amount. You sacrifice and the ‘Man’ makes out like a bandit! Just a thought…

Holly Bee said...

I am also installing Solar panels and selling my electricity to the man.

But conservation is still saving the world, and that's really sticking it to the man. What good is money when there is no one around to know you are rich?

Ok, it all goes back to me, in Wyoming and tax evasion doesn't it?