Monday, September 04, 2006

Dread Pirate Sam and string theory method of crochet

Ok, so the pattern for the Dread Pirate Sam goes on sale September 12th. I need to get the pattern, get the yarn, and crochet the darn little wonder up by the deadline for the Michigan State Grange Women's activities stuffed toy contest. The judging happens at the Michigan State Grange Convention October 18-22.

So that leaves me 36 days to force the yarn into pirate shape. No time for my regular slow paced dilly dallying. No time for a slosh of grog, or swabbing of the decks. I have to crochet, and nothing else!
Crickey, if I am going to make all the little dreadful Sam's that I have promised as Holiday Gifts, I am going to be like avasting me hearties from now until Disney (we are going to see the Captain Jack and the Pirates of the Caribbean this December).
See, that's where the string theory fits in. I am going to have a better chance of discovering my alternate universe selves and having them crochet for me, than I am of making a whole crew of zombies, uh, I mean pirates.

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