Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do you want bacon on that?

So in the relm of bad nutrition I decided on feeding the kids from the trough that is Burger King. After I ordered their items, I got a Veggie Burger, an order of onion rings, and a diet soda. I was then asked "do you want bacon on that?'

Now I don't go to BK a lot, so I am wondering, do they always ask if you want bacon on burgers? Or, do they just think it's funny to offer bacon to those who order veggie burgers. I really hope it's just for veggie burgers.

Also, after a person proves that they are in fact "that crazy lady" in a retail store, the person does get better service the next time the enter said store. How do I know this? I am crazy. No, well, yes, anyway. I went into Barnes and Noble after the recent viva le revolution throw down magazine event. I got into the check out line and they opened not one, but 2 extra check out lines. haha

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