Monday, September 18, 2006

Dead Sexy Pirates

Yes, dead sexy pirates. Get over it, you know you love lookin' at pirates too. But here is something that I didn't know...Chow Yun-Fat is going to be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean-At World's End movie.

That picture of Captain Jack Sparrow in the funny outfit (scroll down) lead some to wonder, "gee what's with the outfit?" My thoughts, first given to my Dad were as follows...

Capt. Jack is not dead, but was drinking rum in the belly of the Kracken. He cuts/shoots his way out, and ends up a captive of a Chinese Pirate rig, see World's End. Anyway, I love Chow Yun-Fat. He was lovely (he's really fit) in Anna and the King. So, I am very much looking forward to next summer's film.

Speaking of pirates, don't I always, the Ogre is making pirate costumes for the pigs this year. Last year they were brave nights. Apparently they have lost their honor, took to the sea, their real true love.

Ah, love. Cyrus' girlfriend's name is...Lilian. That's all I know about her. But that's more than Cy, so go figure.

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