Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Day of Events

Yesterday was Cy's picture day at school. No he was not wearing a cute hand made sweater made by his loving mother. Here's the last sweater I made for him the Wonderful Wallaby . It's super cute the pattern is by Cottage Creations. It's supposed to have a hood, but Cy didn't want one, and it looks good without it.

But see the hole? Cy did that. He unraveled a "stringer." He's been carrying around that piece of orange string he pulled out of there since last October. So, at least he likes the yarn.

While Cy was at school, I took Owen to soccer. He growled at a kid, and I ended up swearing at the same kid's mother and leaving. She thought we stole her son's soccer ball. Yes, we are so poor that we paid the money to play indoor soccer and then had to steal a child size soccer ball.

But wait, there is more. Isn't there always more? As we are heading for home, I see a squirrel in a tree branch above the road. I think to myself, "oh, cute, look at that little guy go. I bet he's getting ready for winter." That's when he fell out of the tree, hit the hood of my car and then I ran him over. There's no swerving death from above.

After the squirrel death, and the public swearing I told Eric we needed to go out to dinner. Using his unique Ogre mind reading abilities he said "we have a coupon for Olde Penninsula, they have Pumpkin Ale."

And that's where we ended our eventful day, at the bar, with 3 kids.


Anonymous said...

mmm olde pennisula
that was quite the day of events!! Man, flying/falling squirrels and everything!

Holly Bee said...

Yeah, after the squirrel, I was done. Day over, time for someone else to make the fam yum dinner. It was really creepy. The cars fine, squirrel is now in a better place, the grill of my car.

Anonymous said...

You seriously topped our day. My hubby just got fired, but we didn't get death from above or swear at any of the other moms at tumbling class.

I wish we'd gone out to dinner. I made crock pot eggplant parmesan instead.

Holly Bee said...

FIRED? Carina, are you ok? Are they having him finish his contract, or what....arrrggghhh.
Hollar if you need anything.

Do you want me to drop by a pizza next time I am in the Creek?

Not that food can solve problems, but it can help.