Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cy has a girlfriend, Headless Pirates, a Fundraiser, and Zombies

Yep, Cy has a girlfriend. He doesn't know her name, or what color her hair is, but she plays good on the playground. That's a huge compliment coming from someone who dips worms in mud puddles if they aren't slimey enough.

Dread Pirate Sam is currently a head. He may also be ahead, as in winning. So far the instructions are well written (good job Amy Shimel) and fun. Here comes the whining. It's hard to crochet a pirate when you've got three boogery kids saying ...

"is that Captain Jack, when will he be done, does he have a sword, will he be cool, does he fight, are you making a parrot, who's the president, is he nice, will he have a hat, are we eating yucky stuff for dinner, the baby peed."

Really. All three at once. But the cool thing is when Cy said "that is soooo cool." He was in complete awe of my mad skills. Actually, my crazed ambition.

So, Fundraiser. Right now if you go to my Body Shop at Home site 20% from all sales will be given to Dee's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Team. See, more of me giving back.

I still managed to make it all about me, oops. Save the world, do something good today! Recycle. Mow my lawn. Ride your bike to work. It's like the zombie thing with Eric. Oooh, brains.

Speaking of Zombies. It's getting closer to the Holiday Season. If you have not read Christoper Moore's The Stupidest Angel, you should purchase it now. That gives you plenty of time to read it, recommend it to your friends, have them read it, and then laugh all through December about Zombies, brains and Ikea. Serious, it all makes sense when you read it.


Anonymous said...

okay. now I am happy.
What I was trying to say earlier is that you should make the book a bookcrossing book and release it to me! Gimme gimme!!
I want I want I want! hehehehehe

Holly Bee said...

Hey, that's not a bad idea! I may actually have 2 copies. I bought the book when it came out, and then last year it was released as The Stupidest Angel version 2.0. Of course I had to have both versions.

Yes, I should really release one into the wild...