Monday, September 04, 2006

Crafty Weekend

Although most people take time out on Labor Day to enjoy relaxing outdoor activities, we chose to stay inside and craft. When I saw we, I am including the Ogre and the three little pigs.

Eric is trying to stay one step ahead of the rain he is expecting while we are in Florida, in December, by making all three of the boys rain ponchos. Not only do Ogres enjoy destruction, many also like to sew. The Ponchos on the boys are actually a modified pattern. Eric thought the boys would benefit from the addition of the duck bills on the hoods. Not only are they functional, but totally fashionable.
As for me, I am crocheting the poncho seen on the blonde girl in the other photo. It's a pattern from Interweave Crochet Fall 2005. That child and that poncho are not mine. My children are boys, and frown upon wearing girly ponchos. I am using Cascade 220 superwash in red for the main color, and orange for the popcorn puffs. If anyone is interested in making this pattern, it's fun, but I would make the puffs bigger if I was doing it again. I mean really, why make puffs if you aren't going to make BIG puffs. Plus it's been fun for me to make something really girly.
OOOOOh, why am I making a girly poncho when I only have boys? It's for charity. That's right, I am trying to get over the greed and make something for others. It's going to be donated to Home Grange #129 for the annual Swiss Steak Dinner and Bizaare that they have every December. See, I am giving back.
The boys. Ah, the boys. The are in the process of making plaster molded fridge magnets. The plaster package said "warning plaster dust may cause eye and lung irritation." I think they should change the warning to "if you have small children and you open this plaster, you will be irritated." They still get to paint them at some point, I don't know, I think the paint says "will cause mess and irritation."

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