Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bringing it All Together

Ahoy! You scurvy dogs! I'm kinda not cool with the Talk Like a Pirate Day people being on the tv show Wife Swap. They deserve to be locked in Davey Jones' Locker. Uh, what's that short singin guy from the Monkees have to do the ocean.

Anyway, I can bring all my craziness together right here. Now you say "Bring it."
Marty on his WizWheelz trike and I on my trusty Giant, (I said Giant, as in bike not Ogre) rode from Bloomingdale to South Haven.
We saw pirate ships, I had a Blue Hawaii, but not a Zombie in sight.
Wait, there is no mention of kids or knitting here! The Ogre figured I could knit if we had a tandem bike. But I say why stop there. Let's get a surry bike. We have three kids, put those little legs to work. I'll knit, pedal and steer. How fun is that! Oh, and we'll put a Jolly Roger on the surry and pirate snacks from some, and grog from others.

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