Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bike riding fools

Harry and I went for a bike ride this am. Nothing funny there, ok, it is funny. He won't give up his training wheels until he's "7 or 8." So riding on a bike trail, really slowly, with someone on training wheels takes a lot more concentration than normal bike riding.

Here are things I learned today:

Kids can look at the sky and ride in a straighter line than when looking forward.

Training wheels hurt when they run over your toes.

2.3 miles per hour is too slow for me to stay upright on a bike. Body did not hit the ground, but it was a close call.

A kids coaster brake bike can go roughly 9.5 miles an hour, which is scary to witness. Those little legs were going around so fast that the chain was skipping a beat.

Did I mention that Harry is now an honorary Boogery Biker? He had his very own bandana snot rag, just like Mom.

Here's the closer:riding bikes with your kids; priceless.


Carina said...

Stephen does that, too--straight line if looking straight up but not if looking straight ahead. I wonder what that's about.

Oh, and you were out-bid on the Tropical Fish yarn. I thought you'd like a heads-up.

Locoshoat said...