Friday, September 15, 2006

The Amazing Race

My favorite teley show, is not Survivor, though I do love the Cook Islands Pirate theme they've got going on. Good money is on Cao Boi.
It's The Amazing Race! It starts this Sunday, it's on CBS.

Anyway, does anyone want to watch the kids for 30-40 days while I race around the world with Beth? Hey, Beth want to be on the Amazing Race? Kat? Cart? Dad? Mom? Anyone? It would be fun, I totally get motion sickness in a parked car, and I have no sense of direction or language skills. Wait, Latin. I know Latin.

What they should do is like a double Reality TV thing. I will go on The Amazing Race, and they can do another show, very similar to the immunity competitions on Survivor that will involve the daily care of my children. They won't even need to spend any money on props. My kids eat nasty bugs, and wallow in the mud all the time.


Anonymous said...

Man I hope that's mud or chocolate all over Owen's face...

Holly Bee said...

It's not crap if that's what you're asking!

It's in fact mud. For the record, I did take pictures, then sent him back out to wallow before cleaning him up. Why get the kitchen muddy twice?

Anonymous said...

I would totally do the Amazing Race with you. We'd totally win. I'd need to be in better shape, and we'd need someone to watch the kids . . . but we'd win. ;-)