Saturday, September 09, 2006

7 years of wedded bliss

Heehee, we are dropping those adorable children off at Nana PK's so Eric and I can celebrate our anniversary!

What are the boys going to do with Nana PK and Sleepy Papa? Who cares! No, really, they are going to have a cookout, and have chicken (which I won't cook), and make s'mores and have nests on lawn chairs.

What's a nest? It's a nice little place where a pig, or bird, or boy can curl up and hopefully fall asleep. For some reason a nest is less offensive to them then saying "you're tired, go get a blanket and lay down." So, a nest.

What are we going to do? Well, we will be checking out the Honda CRV and Toyota Rav 4. Why? Because the Durango is just too big for our family of 5 and we need a smaller vehicle. True.

Then, we are going to the Beacon Club, and a movie. Heehee, we are going to pretend we are grownups!


vickie said...

Happy Anniversary!
Left a comment on the last blog of your site.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Holly!
Have a good time tonight with Eric. I'm SO proud of the home and family you guys have made together.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks everyone! It's not easy being married to an Ogre, and having snot covered Ogre children. But it sure makes life more fun, and boogery.