Monday, August 14, 2006

You try to do something nice...

We get produced delivered from Avalon Farms once a week. Since I can't eat all the tomatoes that we get, I decided to actually do something with them other than throw them in the compost bin. After checking out the fridge contents I decided to make salsa and some Spanish Rice-cheesey the way Eric likes it. Fresh maters, peppers, and onions, wow, the Ogre would be so surprised that I cooked something!

I cut up the peppers, and then the onions, which made me cry. Like an idiot, I wipe my teary eyes-WITH MY STUPID HOT PEPPER HANDS. Eyeballs and peppers do not mix. You know this, I know this, and yet it still happened. It's like tequila, sometimes it just seems like a good idea.


Carina said...

Oh my, that puppy really is cute. I'll bet he's nice, too. I hope he gets into a good home. The last thing I need right now is another dog . . . *sigh*

What cougar siting? I hadn't heard anything.

Btw, what got the pepper stuff out? Does it come out with enough water, or do you need a solvent of some kind?

Holly Bee said...

You need to be a man and cry through the pain with the peppers!

As for the cougar! It's in the Battle Creek Enquirer all the time! It's all the rage, it's been spotted out by Jacaranda off Helmer, by my Mom's house :)