Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who's short and old?

So, the Violet Beauregard skirt, is not quite done.

There, I've said it. Ok I am not done with the pattern, but if a person who was tall and young and leggy, it would work. I don't know about this whole skirt thing. Am I going to wear this? Cart, lovely and full of fashion, would probably say "God, NO."

But, since I have no fashion sense, I am sure I will be wearing it with leggings, and the Coverse. Fashion, no, made with snot, yes.


carter said...

it has those knitholes in it. everybody would want to stick their finger in your knithole. that's exactly as dirty as it sounds. would a happily married mother of three let strangers violate her knitholes?

why not knit a thong and some pasties while you're at it. this knitting obsession will land you in krouble and that starts with k and rhymes with gay and stands for KNITTING.

Holly Bee said...

Uh, yeah, that's about it. I dont' think that my knitting obsession is that bad. I could be obsessed with Veronica Mars. Or SUPERCHUNK.