Thursday, August 24, 2006

When will School Start and Target Shopping

I went to dinner last night with a friend and had a lovely time. It's nice to talk to grown ups! But it was afterward that the trouble started. No, it doesn't involve the police this time, but it does involve leggings...

After dinner I still had some time to kill before it was safe to go home (read kids were not in bed yet), so I stopped over to the Oshtemo Target. I have to say I so miss the West Main shopping area of Kalamazoo. Here is a short list as to why:

1. It's not Portage
2. It's near WMU campus
3. College kids shopping is funny.
4. Freshman College kids shopping is really funny.
5. People do this thing, it's weird, but they smile there.
6. No Zombies.

You may question the Zombie part, but I did not see a single reanimated corpse while out shopping. But it was like I stepped into a strange time warp. I saw leggings, which I put in my cart and may or may not wear. I saw long t shirt fabric shirts that were so Flashdance. Wait, there is more, I SAW NEON. Ugh. Neon is gross. It hurts my eyes, then my head, and if I were prone to seizures, that would probably set it off.

Oh, the leggings aren't the trouble I ran into. I tested out the Sega Chairs at Target. Oh, you know, floor chairs, college, playing Eukere, drink beer, need back rest, better to fall over to the floor from the floor, floor chairs. I thought the boys would like these to read on and darn it, I miss the origianal Sega Chair (Cart-Beth, don't get rid of it.)

Turns out that although the people are nicer in Oshtemo, they still frown upon taking down every single floor chair in an aisle and systematically testing them all out. I had to see why one chair was $70 and the others were cheaper. Turns out the $70 will flip all the way backward if you rock to hard in it. I of course had to do this several times. Oh, the Target people also don't like you to test ride bikes in the aisles. But they won't kick you out for either of these offenses.

Also, why did the State of Michigan think that I would spend money in Michigan if they started school after Labor Day? I am going to boycott all money spending in Michigan and go to Indiana and buy fireworks and beer.

Like we need to keep our kids out of school. Aren't we the least educated state? Shouldn't the kids be in more school? Year round school is the way to go. Start Kindergarten at 4! Uh, that's all. August is wearing on me. No matter how many times I check, or how many boxes of 20 cent crayons I buy, it's still not time for school to start :(


carter said...

we still have the sega chair.

Holly Bee said...

I love the sega chair!!

Keep it in a shrine.

Carina said...

Hear, hear! All hail year round school!

Oh, and I'm really thinking of leggings, too. They're so comfy. :D