Thursday, August 17, 2006

We saw the 80's in Philly

When Carina and I were in Philly for the TKGA Conference, we noticed that the rumors were in fact true, the 80's are back. I saw more denim, leggings, and belts than I have since, well, the 80's. I am personally blaming it on VH1. They have been pushing for this for years.

Here is my dilemma: I just got rid of my fancy pants!!!! For those of you that don't know, the fancy pants were a pair of very fancy leggings from The Limited. They were black with a small design throughout. I believe they were purchased in 1988 or 89. I had a very slick outfit of the leggings, a white tshirt and a black sport coat.

By the 90's I was no longer wearing them during the day. But to the great amusement of my friends, I wore them for pj pants. Those jerks are the ones that started calling them the "fancy pants."

Finally, honestly, I put them in the bag of clothes for Goodwill! Now I see, I need them back. Will I break down and buy a new pair of leggings? NO! Nothing can replace the fancy pants, but I could go look for them at Goodwill...

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