Saturday, August 26, 2006

Violet Beauregard-Skirt not Person

I have put knitting aside and have gone back to my first love, crochet. This is all because of the 80's come back we are currently surrounded by. But, let's talk about crochet instead of neon, shall we?

The Violet Beauregard skirt (by Heather Dixon) in the Happy Hooker Stitch N' Bitch crochet book is done in purples. I'm working mine up in GGH's Samoa. Seems to be going well. I'll post the completed skirt, worn with leggings, hopefully by Wednesday. I said hopefully.

I have to say, the pattern is quick, easy to understand and a bit boring to work up. But hey, like it says in the book "it's very easy to complete, since it's only the third crochet pattern I have ever tackled!"-Heather Dixon.

This statement kind of pisses me off, for two reasons. I have been crocheting since the beginning of time. I think my Mom taught me to crochet to keep me out of her way when my brother was born. He's two years younger than me, so crocheting since the beginning of my time. I never knew as a little kid I could make up my own patterns. I just double crocheted scarves and baby blankets, not realizing that I could make up other things. (that's reason 1)

Reason 2, it's more of a jealousy thing. Her third crochet project, and it's in a book! Crikey! Now I feel jealous and lazy :)

So, to combat my own wasted talent, I taught Harrison, who is 6, to crochet. He picked out some bright plastic crochet hooks, and some lovely orange yarn. I did not push yarn snobbiness onto him and just let him choose according to what pleased him. I know it's Caron yarn, but other than that the skein band is already gone, and the plastic hooks aren't marked anywhere but on the case, and we've lost that too. So, see he's well on his way to being a "fiber artist."

He's working on a scarf for one of his stuffed animals. His choice of project, his design. "I want it to be this big and it has to be full of love, and keep Fluffy warm." So Crochet Dude, watch your back, Harry Bee is designing now too :)

This is like the guy who is second quarterback on the highschool football team and pushes his son to be super star football kid. I am awful! At least with crochet there shouldn't be any groin injuries.

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kat said...

It's not awful! It's awesome! I can't wait to see both pieces when they are finished! Woohoo!