Monday, August 07, 2006

So where's the flippin' knitting

I did say knit with snot for you, and all I have been talking about is the snot.

I have been knitting like some sort of demon possessed elf. I say elf, because I am working on my holiday knitting!!

I have a Flower Petal Shawl from at the almost complete stage right now. I am working it up in Jo Sharp's Silkroad DK-thanks for buying that and then letting me buy it from you Carina. It's "dusky blue with white and tan flecks" whatever, I think the tan flecks are a bit on the redish side, but it's still LOVELY.

Almost done right, just need to do the edging, right? The Ogre thinks it's not big enough, and that I should do another repeat, and then refigure the math/knitting for the border. NOOOOOO! Once done, done. Why am I a possessed elf then? I am going to also knit the Strawberry Pie Shawl from Spindyeknit , with the same yarn, for the same intended gift recipint, and then said Ogre will choose which is "big enough."

Did I mention the Ogre is about 6'6"? The person I am knitting for is like 5'4", I think big enough different in his eyes somehow.


Carina said...

Ooh, that's a good idea. Then, she can choose which shawl, too. Oh, and let him know that it'll block bigger. Mine grew by several inches, if I remember right. I think it got longer by around three inches and much wider.

kat said...

ooooh pretty shawls! fact, I liked a lot of those pretty patterns on that same link :) hint hint lol
love you!

Holly Bee said...

ARRRGGGGH! Another shawl! Ok, actually, I think we can work something out. We are doing a $30 per person gift rule at the holiday times, so, I think a shawl may be it lady!

carter said...
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carter said...

Everybody knows that a burrow shawl lives in a hole in the ground! Why the hell do you think they call it a burrow shawl, anyway?

AlisonH said...

Quite late to the party here, sorry, but, if you made that Strawberry Pie shawl, I hope it turned out really well! Personally, I like it with two extra of the feather-and-fan type repeats, like I made it the first time, over the one shown in blue there. Meantime, I took the idea of a top-down circular shawl and played with it--a lot--so there'll be a book by Martingale Press out next summer with the results.

--Alison Hyde