Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Silky Tweed, Elsebeth Lavold, and stash guilt

According to her website http://ingenkonst.se/desel_e.htm Elsebeth Lavold is "the Tiger Woods of Knitting." Serious, check it out, this is not like a Zombie invasion joke, it's for real.

Anyway, the reason I am talking about the Tiger Woods of knitting is because I am like the Happy Gilmore of Knitting. Which would mean that I am a movie parody of the real thing, so that kind of doesn't work because as far as I can tell, I am not in a movie, and if I am it's news to me and I am not getting paid.

What I am trying to get at is, I have 17 skeins of her Silky Tweed in a lovely brown with the smallest orange flecks in it. I got them in a wierd Twilight Zone sort of way. A local yarn shop went out of business on a Friday, but Mom and I didn't know that, so we stop by on Saturday. There was the shop, with the lights off, but the open sign in the window and the owner inside. Well, she was open, but not in a yippee way, but a sad way. Friday was supposed to be her last day, and on Saturday someone was supposed to buy the rest of her stock, but the money fell through and she was stuck with like $40,000 in inventory. She said go for it, have anything you want for 50% off, I need to unload this stuff. She was almost in tears, and she had to pick her kids up from baseball, sooooo.....

SHE LOCKED US IN THE STORE, WITH THE LIGHTS OFF!!! Isn't that weird, surrounded by all this yarn, in the dark, that we were going to get at, like, wholesale. It was so Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I thought we were going to be attacked by giant squirrels at any minute. No really, she had all this Noro, and Silky Tweed and the Silky Wool. Ok, she had a bunch of stock left and we really had to help her, she was crying. So, that is how I ended up with 17 skeins of silky tweed, 6 silky wool, more GGH Samoa cotton than I know what to do with and extreme stash guilt.

I don't knit that quickly. I have three little kids, so I don't have much time to knit slowly in. ARRRRGGGHHH, and then I went to The Knitting Guild of America Convention, and stuffed my suitcase with more yarn and then there was the Michigan Fiber Fest, where I got more yarn, and this is on top of all the other stuff I had before. My friend Carina is actually having an auction on her blog www.riverwalkyarns.blogspot.com with the proceeds going to charity to unload some of her stash. I won't do that. I can't. I love all my yarn treasures.

But that does explain why knit with snot for you is really crocheted quickly with snot for me, I have to use up some of this yarn, or I am going to have to start keeping some of it in my car. I am running out of room. I have some in the food pantry. Oh, the freezer. I think I remember reading something about someone keeping their stuff in the freezer. Is that the Yarn Harlot?

Ok, done, I have to go knit with hands and crochet with feet.


Carina said...

But that's all stash you'll use up. That's good yarn that needs to be knitted up in Jo Sharp patterns and will keep looking lovely for ages. The yarns I'm selling are good yarns, don't get me wrong, but they're never going to get used up.

I bought more at the festival and TKGA show, anyway. *blush*

Holly Bee said...

I know that! I love my yarn. I may actually never knit it, but let the boys mingle it into a matted mess and then use it for a lovey blanket.

No really Jo Sharp Saturday book=my new wardrobe.