Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh, Michigan Fiber Fest, how I love thee

Well, Mom and I made it to the Michigan Fiber Fest. With our combined inability to pay attention thing were sketchy after we got off the highway. Did we pass it? Are we lost? Nope, we found it on the first try, amazing.

I was there with a large shopping bag, which I brought from home. Yes, even during an extreme yarn related shopping frenzy I can manage to uphold my beliefs and save a tree.
But wow, if I had to I would have carried my purchases from Briar Rose Fibers around. I know not everyone cares for the color orange the way I do, but her mix of green and brown with it were awesome!

I didn't spend all my money in one place though. I also bought a new purse. New purse at Fiber Fest? Well, it's to help Orphans, in Guatemala. I got it from Miekle's Fiber Arts But it's blue with many pockets, it was made by Thomas, and you can find out more about helping the orphans at

Mom wanted to bring home a fiesty Angora Bunny. It was a crazed little hopper, that was $30 cheaper than all the other bunnies. I think he was cheaper because of his devil pink eyes. Heehee, I know, they are all creepy with the pink eyes!

Mom also showed financial responsibility. She bought one skein of yarn, and a pattern. But...

If everyone gets a needlepunch wall hanging for the holidays from me, I blame her. Mom works at a cross stitch place, and when she saw the needle punch kits available at she was like "oh, these are all the rage." Of course, like leggins, I was suckered in. I think it looks really fun.

So, I have $5 left, I got in, met fun people-Hey Briar Rose Fibers girls!-hung out with my Mom, also ran into my Dad and Step-Mom, don't tell the boys but I also ate an elephant ear, had a refreshing diet coke, and avoided stepping in Llama dung. I'd say the 2006 Michigan Fiber Fest was a smashing success.

But, I really want to sneak back up there (yeah, sneak to Allegan) and get some of that Merino Wool Tencel mix that they had at Briar Rose Fibers...


kat said...

I'm so sad I missed the Alpacas! But man, that was a really nice 3 hr nap! lol

Holly Bee said...

Well, there was no baby monkey this year, so you didn't miss too much!