Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No time for monsterin' around

Today is the day to MOVE IT MONKEY'S, MOVE IT!!! We aren't actually going to drill putting on our shoes and lining up at the door, but we do have some serious work to do today. It's rearrange bedrooms day. So there is no time for monsterin' around, it's time to work!

Rearrange bedrooms day has become the go to activity of the summer. No beach going here, no fun camps for us, it's all clean, clean, clean. It's part of my no driving=no gas consumption campaign of evil.

In theory Cyrus and Owen share a room. Not too long ago there was a crib that converted to a day bed, and then bunk beds. But Owen is a big boy and boycotted the crib bed, and took over Cy's bed on the bottom bunk. A normal person would say, so, have Cy go to the top bunk. This would work except....

Harry got a new bed, and was supposed to be alone in the big boy room, so we took the top bunk's mattress. Haha, our three boys like to have fun, and camp. Anarchy! Revolution! Cyrus likes to sleep under Harry's bed in the cubby.

So, I took apart the baby crib, threw the baby mattress in the cubby, and all was well. Except now Owen is lonely, and I keep finding the two little boys on the baby mattress in the cubbie. It's also a complete pit of doom in that room. "Safety Violation" as Cy would say in his robot voice.

So the plan. Throw away all toys that hurt to step on. Oops, that's my dream cleaning activity. Move giant white bed into bigger bedroom. All boys sleep in same room. Cleanliness and peace reign. Haha, we shall see.


kat said...

awww sweet baby boys. Ahem! I mean big boys. Anyway, let me know if you need any help today, I am free until 3!

Holly Bee said...

Come on over if you want. I just have the finishing up on the bed to do at this point, but I am sure the sweet babes would love to see you :)