Friday, August 18, 2006

Look at his eyes, he's evil, he's fowl...

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Here is an evil chicken. How do I know it's evil? It's a bird. I dislike birds so much, I won't even eat them. So, why is it that I keep getting into situations that put me into close contact with birds? Kids, three kids.

So, on Monday we took the kids to the Calhoun County Fair
We ate at the always delicious and super friendly Home Grange #129 Pancake tent-they're not just for breakfast anymore. After that we went on a tour of the animal barns. Sadly, this included the Poultry barn.

Upon entering the room, a long cage held chicks. The chicks were piled up and cannibalizing a fellow chickie. Carnival of terrors! The adult chicken cages were stacked two high and set so close that two adults could not walk side by side. As the Ogre bends down to look at his cousins chickens, thus blocking the escape route, two roosters at my head level decide to start fighting. This leads me to let out a howl of terror. Yes, I screamed in the chicken barn. They were right by my head, they were going to peck out my eyes. With the Ogre's big hienie in my way and the cannibal chicks behind me, I was trapped. Which lead to more panic, and laughing on the part of my family.

But really, it's like dogs who smell fear. Birds sense my disgust, feel offended and seek me out. Even while driving they seek me out. Which is a bad move on their part, because car beats bird everytime. Unless it's an emu, I don't think the Mazda would win that battle.


kat said...

I think we should name it "Pancakes as big as your head" next year. Those are some big effing pancakes!!

Holly Bee said...

Well, if someone had a freakishly large head, then a pancake was smaller there would be a big ruckus, and all heck would break loose, and cows would run free in the streets, and chickens would eat their young. Wait, the chickens did eat their young.