Friday, August 04, 2006

Just a taste of the adventure

Well, you may have heard that the mini van was dying. It didn't officially die, but it has gone on to a better place, the used car lot. We traded Freddy Mercury (funny name for a Dodge, right) in for the Rickshaw Pony. The name comes from me saying I was going to trade in the mini van and get a bicycle Rickshaw. Jonathan at the car dealership (who will always be remembered as Tiger Woods) added the pony part. The term "clown car" may also come to mind when you see Eric and the rest of the Bishop family of 5 get out of it. For those of you that don't know what it is, have I built up suspense enough? Can you guess what car fits an Ogre, a dwarf, and three little pigs? Why it's a red Mazda 5 of course.

So, Jackie has probably just given a gasp of pain, not a Mazda! The engine will need replaced, look what happened to Kathy's Mazda. Never fear! We got the extended 6 year warranty.

As for the Dodge Durango. It is on our naughty list right now. It is currently at the auto body shop, due to Eric's encounter with a Toyota Corrolla. Before we dropped it off, its radio and clock decided to quit working. That was the last straw! So, if you know anyone who is in need of a low mileage Dodge Durango, send them our way, we're selling ours!

Ok, three kids right. Two big boys and a baby? No! It's all big boys now :)
Yesterday was a historic day at the homestead. At nap time Owen learned that he could crawl out of his crib. He said "No way Nappie." Since I love British lingo, and they call diapers nappies, I made a deal with Owen. Since he is not a baby and doesn't want to take naps anymore, he has to wear big boy underwear and pee in the potty. He stayed dry all day yesterday, took his own undies down and peed on the potty without prompting.

During all this potty, no napping excitement, I also managed to do laundry, clean toilets, do dishes, pull weeds in the playground area, and hang wall paper border in the upstairs hallway. Did I mention the boys also ate lunch, wore enough clothing to cover hienies, read books, and played pirate? It was a full day.

So today we are going to take it easy. We're going to tape the upstairs bathroom so we can paint tomorrow, organize the basement, work on homemade presents, and teach the boys Spanish. Mostly joking there. Dora is teaching them Spanish

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