Friday, August 04, 2006

I made his day...the cop's

So, when you have three kids, you have to have a system to leave the house with everything you need. Our system consists of yelling "put your shoes on, we're leaving in 5, MOVE IT MONKEYS, MOVE IT!" Boys then get shoes on, line up by the door, I grab car and house keys, and we leave. It takes more like 10 minutes, but it usually gets us out the door.

Sadly, on Wednesday also known as, 85 degrees at 739 am Good luck at Zoo Camp day, we managed to get out into the garage light one pair of shoes and one set of car/house keys. Oddly enough, I did have the cell phone, and it had enough charge to place one the Ogre.

Eric leaves work, drives the detour, gets to our house. Lucky for us there was the detour to navigate, it gave him time to realize how funny it was that I managed to lock us out of the house AGAIN. (I hear you, spare house key, blah, blah, hide it "someplace safe." Trust me, more trouble than it's worth)

Ok, now it's 8:05. I need to be at the Zoo, which is 40 minutes away at 8:45. I have exactly the right amount of time to get there with no problem. But, I got stuck behind some weird farm equipment tractor/harvester thing. So I had to make up time. Yeah, the make up time part it a lie. I sped up to pass the tractor thing. The Mazda handled like a dream, it liked going fast. I had to see how fast it could go and still drive smoothly.

Turns out, it's a bad idea to go 70 in a 55 zone when the Sheriff is around. Other things I learned from getting pulled over:

You can be pulled over when cop is going the opposite direction (he'll turn around)

You don't need your registration (it will be looked up on SCMODS-State County Municipal Offender Data System)

Kids love being pulled over-Kids love rescue vehicles

Turns out, I have an excellent driving record, and it's worth paying the extra money for the personalized PIXIES plate.

Officer Handsome (it was on his badge) is a Pixies fan! He first asked if the kids were frightened by being pulled over. No way officer, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then he asked about the plate, and I said it was for the band. He said, that is so cool. Not many people remember the Pixies anymore! The boys were then told to remind Mom to slow down.

As I pulled back onto the road, I turned on the cruise control. I then promptly set it at 57, just to see if 2 miles over was ok. It is.

Oh, and Cyrus made it to Zoo Camp with about 4 minutes to spare.

Moral of story:
If you happened to be enjoying the driving ability, great gas mileage (31 mpg baby), and wonderful sound system of your brand new Mazda5 at excessive speeds, you will get pulled over.
Don't cry, take the ticket. Or hope you have the same musical taste as the officer, a good driving record doesn't hurt. (thankfully, those tickets, and the court appearance didn't show up.)


carter said...

it's a good thing you changed your vanity plate from Millions of Dead Cops.

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Carina said...

Great blog!!!

I love that story. You were soooo snakes on a plane, but then it all turns out all okay. :D