Saturday, August 19, 2006

I don't see any stinking rain, I'm going to Fiber Fest

Hey! To all of you wimps not going to Fiber Fest because of rain...more wool for me. I was going to say Alpaca love, but that sounds naughty. I am going to have so much fun :) The Ogre has agreed to have a boy day, so I am free, free, free. I am going to say swear words, and order beer at lunch, woohoo.

On a side note, most people know that you are not supposed to put "lawn waste" into your trash. Now I always sort of thought that lawn waste meant along the lines of weeds, or grass clippings. But the Ogre did something involving lawn waste and our garbage can that caused Allied Waste to boycott our trash.

If one is a super sweet Ogre and does requested installation of landscaping, where does one place the resulting sod? If you are an Ogre, you try to sneak it into the trash. Well Ogres must have strength beyond that of regular humans, because our trash wasn't picked up because of "excess weight." So two problems here, our waste company does not use the claw truck to pick up garbage, and the Ogre should have composted that sod down at the spot known to our neighbors as "grass clipping drop off at the end of the cul-de-sac" or what we refer to as the "spooky spot."

Since I married a super sweet lawn improving Ogre, he learned the hard way about taking compostable lawn waste down to the spooky spot. This morning, before the neighbors who water their lawns woke up, the Ogre took the household trash out of the garbage, wheeled the big container down the street, and relieved it of 100 pounds of yard waste.

Lesson learned, recycling counts. Especially if your trash company doesn't use the claw truck.

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