Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Flower petal shawl

Flower petal shawl
Originally uploaded by pixiesvssuperchunk.
Technically, this is an old photo because it's actually off the needles and has been washed and blocked. But this is the Flower Petal Shawl in the works.

Please note that if you have three small boys who like hand knitted super hero items, this makes an excellent bat cape. They were a little put off that it wasn't done in black, but it still makes a great cape. Sadly, it is not for them. Someone else will get to be a bat for the holidays.


Carina said...

It really looks gorgeous. How did it block? Does it have nice drape? I feel concerned that it might not be perfect, since I'm the one who told you to use that yarn. *blush*

I hear ya on the Jo Sharp. That book you have is still on my mind. I should buy it.

Holly Bee said...

I think it blocked nicely. The boys really enjoyed swirling around with it, so I think that counts as nice drape :)