Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Computer accidents aplenty

Well, well, well, Mrs. Smarty Pants had a wee bit of a computer mess up yesterday. What! The Smartest Person in America, sorry Ken Jennings, have a computer problem? Yeah, I think that if you ask the Ogre's Mom, she would agree that the computer may be my weak spot.

Side Note: How does a 5'2" human end up with a 6'6" Ogre for a child? How is the other child loved by all and not an Ogre too? It's weird. Ok, trying to distract from the truth, you can't handle the truth, I couldn't handle the truth...

Right, back to the point. You know how you hear those stories about those stupid people who let dumb things happen to their computer? Yes, I am in that club. I somehow managed to click on something that I wasn't familiar with and ended up with porn as my homepage! Yes, me, mother of three, watcher of Sesame Street, friend of NPR, had porn as my homepage. Imagine my surprise. "Uh, I don't remember visiting that website!!??" I went about my normal computer usage, and turned the puter off, and figured it was a weird fluke.

Later, when I powered up the computer again, I was again welcomed to the world wide web with nasty pictures. Yeah. I freaked out.

This is were computer error #2 comes in. I changed my home page back to what it was, and then reset my security settings. Well, I set them so high, I couldn't even access email. I was that safe.

Sooo, I learned a valuable lesson, which basically is the one my parents taught me long ago-DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS, or at least don't click on stuff that says "click here" on random blogs.

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