Friday, August 18, 2006

Bow to the Catfish

I have no idea what the boys were planning to do on Mars, but this is what happened: they flew their rocket there, battled aliens with jumpropes, surprised a lava dog, and became servants to the rotten Catfish king. Who apparently only Cyrus could see. While surrending to the King Catfish Cy said "Harry to bow to the Other catfish."

Yesterday was really a big day for us too. We had 5 visitors over. Cy asked when we were going to have cake, and I was like, never. I didn't know what he was talking about, no one had made a cake. Turns out, he thought it was his birthday because of all the company.

My big excitement was when my Dad let me ride his recumbent tricycle. I know, random word and then tricycle, what am I talking about. It's basically a reclining lawn chair on three big wheels, so you pedal when you are just about laying down. See photo, that's my Dad by the way, not me. It was like riding those plastic big wheels except for the laying down and with the front wheel in back. I really wanted to go as fast as I could and then slam on the breaks and skid out. But I my adult side said, "you will flip it, break your leg and scratch the paint." The adult side of me won out, but I did go really fast, and then slowly and carefully applied the brakes.

Next time though, if the kids aren't around, I going to totally rally on that thing. So, if there's a post of me with a broken limb, and no explanation, you'll know what happened.

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SAE said...

Hey! Wait a minute! Isn't that Catfish King Sr. on the stolen 'MoonRover' in heavens named did you ever get that picture?
We abandoned that vehicle on the Moon.