Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Berger Update

Berger is recovering nicely. His ears are clearing up, and he is no longer panting and scratching. He has become accustomed to the good life though. He thinks the living room rug is his, and that the boys are his personal feeders. He is like a big king dog with a bunch of Zombie kids bringing him food.

On a bit of a Zombie kick. The Ogre keeps having Zombie dreams, which I originally thought were related to work stress. Now I keep trying to mention Zombies as much as possible to keep them in his thoughts so he will keep having Zombie dreams. It's kind of mean, but his dreams are so amusing. Really, if you see the Ogre, ask him about the Zombies.

Back to Berger. He is doing well. He is probably better off than before. The boys have not been riding him because they know he is sick, and they have been giving him so many treats that he probably gained 5 pounds of pure cheese.


kat said...

mmmm 5 lbs of cheese...lol.
And I think that it's funny that you mention needing a fundraiser for your bike trail in one blog, and then your too big stash in the next blog, with a note about how Carina is selling hers for some cause. I know you love your yarn, but sell it for the bike path!!! :) Or keep it and make me something lovely. :) loves!!

Holly Bee said...

Bugger off Kat. I love my yarn. It also would not pay for a bike path. We are talking 1 million dollars here, not the couple thou, uh, hundred my yarn would fetch. As for you, Miss Greedy, I made you something already. I may also make you something else, but I may die of some viral thing first. you will have to wait and see.

Carina said...

Are you feeling better yet?

Holly Bee said...

I am even more sick today. I have a mean cough, fever, and random yuckiness. But the cool thing is, I think I am developing my mind reading skills. Ooh, I hope I start to levitate. I've always wanted to. All these superhero powers, or my brain is being eaten by a virus, and I will infact become a ZOMBIE!!!!
Crikey, wouldn't that freak Eric out?