Friday, August 25, 2006

Berger is Sick and other fun

My dog has fleas, la-la-la. Actually he doesn't, he has a yeast infection in his ears, toes and tummy. But he is itching like crazy and he has to sit right next to me and scratch and pant.

How do I know it's a yeast infection? Because I gave my vet $214 yesterday, that's how. I am really not bitter about the money or him being sick. I say a lot of mean things about Bubba, Berger I mean, but I really do like him. He scares away door to door sales people, keeps the neighbors from talking to me, and really helps with keeping the kitchen clean.

Berger, known as Bubba to the boys, is a 112 pound chocolate lab. He's really nice, and never jumps up on people. Both of these things make it hard to get him into the back of a Mazda5. He put his front paws in the car, and I had to hoist his butt. Nice, huh?

Now you know Vet techs are used to dealing with animals. Not that Bubba is mean in the least, but please remember, he's a huge. The vet tech took Bubba back to get his blood drawn and took Bub by herself. I thought, "good luck with that." Moments later I hear a loud thud, which I took to be the girl hitting the door with her body. I was right. She got Berg's blood, but he knocked her over while trying to push down the door. Yep, he tried to shoulder the door down but only took out the girl.

Later in the day I was changing Owen due to a potty accident. I opened the wipes boxes and the top wipe was dirty. You know, the kids must have gotten into them. But the next one was also dirty. I pulled out like 20 wipes, and then discovered the problem. The wipes box was now home to a turd. Owen is really doing a good job with the whole potty training. But putting a turd in the wipes container? Come on.

To top off the day, we managed to leave the fridge door open all night and ruin all of our weeks groceries. Can anyone say $5 pizza for dinner the rest of the week?


kat said...

Ooooh poor Bubba! And ooohh poor Holly for having to deal with a turd in the wipes and no foodie! :(

carter said...

get well soon, berg.