Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Battle of Everdirty

As stated before, we have a high snot to human ratio at our house. We also have a fair share of mud. In the past, I was more understanding about the mud. Our yard didn't have grass so mud was just part of the deal. But I have spent the last three years developing a hybrid mix of lovely green grass and pretty weeds (which drives the neighbors crazy.) So mud should no longer be a problem, right?

Wrong. The boys will find or make mud to suit their needs. Our sandbox is no longer for sand, it's a pool of Cyrus' imaginary friend Hayga. Sadly, Hayga is bad. Hayga throws mud and sand and drops it into everyone's underpants. Just like Sponge Bob, we have our own Sandy Cheeks.

Why is this a problem? I know that come December, probably the 24th when I am frantically finishing my knitted holiday gifts, all the mud that has gone down the drains this summer is going to show it's ugly head. I am thinking a full on pipe back up, Ogre attempts home plumbing house floods sort of thing. Then Hayga will show up and say "I'm not imaginary anymore, your house was built on a graveyard," and we'll need to call in a cleaning lady, and my mom does that but I don't think she can handle a Hayga-mud induced house is evil sort of mess. Do you see what I am getting at? Mud is bad.

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