Monday, August 07, 2006

Against all known science

It seems to me that the day to day size of a child's body parts should stay consistent. But time and again, the kids have proven that this is in fact not true.

Exhibit A: Child #2 places arm into fence to obtain toy from neighbors yard. Child is unable to remove arm. Said arm obviously grew.

Exhibit B: Child #3 tries to reach dropped shoe, with his head, through the deck stairs. Child is unable to remove head. Head obviously grew.

So let's finish the stories, otherwise you are going to have these images of kids stuck in the fence and deck at our house.

Child #2, also known as Cyrus, got his arm stuck in the fence at arm level. He was then freaked out that he couldn't reach the toy, his arm got all swollen and really wouldn't come back out on it's own. I did what any reasonable parent would do, I spit on his arm (to lubricate it) and then lifted his body level with the stuck arm and pulled him out. That happened earlier this summer, and he doesn't seem to have been any lasting damage. Although he does think it's acceptable to spit on people.

Child #3, Owen, dropped his shoes through the steps of the deck. He reached under with his head sideways, and then tried to get back out with his head in the normal upright position. Same sort of thing, freak out, bruise head. It worked before, so I spit on him and lifted his body even with his head and pulled him out.

Maybe the spitting was out of place here.


kat said...

oh man. I have these great visuals of both instances. ... I need to come over and play more often. I miss you guys!! :)

Holly Bee said...

Come over fool! We will be home around 130 today. (tuesday)