Tuesday, August 15, 2006


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I warned you about the snot. Here is an example of why I have to keep all my knitting projects in plastic bags. I prefer the zipping gallon freezer size. Not only are they fashionable, but also very durable. Did I mention other knitters look down on me with shame? "How can she put that beautiful Jo Sharp yarn in a freezer bag?" TO KEEP IT BEAUTIFUL :)

Actually, I do have a bag stash almost equal to my yarn stash. But my lovely knitting bags just end up boogery, and loaded with my classic fall back...freezable plastic.


Carina said...

I hear that. With all of us producing record snot levels lately, I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

Great pic, btw. ;)

SAE said...

My God! Were any children injured during that photo take? :)

Alison Hyde said...

Glad you like my Strawberry Pie pattern! I just read through your blog. ...And now I'm wondering, gee, should I warn her?... My sister had four boys. Really, really wanted a girl. Kinda let it happen to try again, and got: identical twin boys.

But she adores my daughters, and they certainly don't mind, so I don't mind.

Holly Bee said...

Wow! No children were injured during the taking of that photo.
I know it really was a bad Mom choice to take the photo rather than wipe the nose, but it was just too funny. Those tears, and resulting snot, are from the dog stealing a snack!!

Holly Bee said...

Hi Alison!

I have seen several of the Strawberry Pie Shawls finished and they turn out just lovely!! As soon as I am done with the scarf, I am starting the shawl!

As for a girl, I am not tempting fate. If we see another family that has more boys than we do my husband always says "that's how you end up with 8 boys."

So, to my friends with girl children, please ignore me when I purchase the most awful pink frilly getup for your child. I have to get rid of the girl envy somehow!