Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Normal People Do

I wholeheartedly know that I am not Normal People. The Ogre, he is personally Good People.  I fall mostly into the category of FUN People. If I had to guess I'd say the Pigs will end up as one of each.

As a member of the FUN People group, I can totally come up with a fun idea, lead you down the road to adventure, or possibly help you start something SUPER FUN! Then randomly twirl my hair, and chase butterflies while you clean up the mess.

Lately I've taken to asking "What Normal People Do" on Twitter for various seemingly normal things. "Like where do you keep your grill? How about brooms? Bikes, where the hell are these things supposed to be kept?"  I don't want to be Normal People, but I do realize that all of my fun leaves me doing questionable things when it comes to cleaning, organizing or running of a home.


Pretty sure the beer was part of fun two 2 nights ago. The recycling is outside, in the garage, like 10 feet away.

The bowl of broccoli and the onion, oops, totally got distracted with a kitchen dance party.
Hey, hammocks are fun!

Hark! I should have been mowing the lawn. 

Look! A puppy!

Instead we were learning how to throw bo shruiken. Aka throwing pointy, deadly spikes around the yard.

 It seemed like a really good idea, like lawn darts! 

I have to say this also made me realize my friends are just as Fun as I am, and possibly better at hiding it. Favorite quote of where Normal People put things came from one cunningpike..."Broom should be where it most convenient for flying. And I couldn't agree more about bikes. What about those."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good Bye, My Sweet...

So, the Mazda. My sweet, adventure filled Mazda, is no more. Ok, not dead, but not mine. I traded her in.
2007 Owen in the Mazda
Camping 2007

Like any Knit with Snot adventure, it was well, not normal. Could I buy a car in Kalamazoo?  Oh, hell no. I had to drive my happy ass to Grand Rapids to get my new car. Why? ADVENTURE! 

Honestly? The local car dealer did not want hustle to get my sale. 
When I say hustle, I mean get my car to Kalamazoo. A Jasmine Green Subaru Forester, base model so that my Ogre's pretty hair wouldn't get smooshed. "My hair." So, I got my car to the next closest dealership...Grand Rapids. 

The Ogre was just happy I didn't reroute the car to Kentucky. I was willing to drive down and crash at Dawn's house.

The Mazda had seen better days, but we drove to GR without incident. When we got to the dealership, I saw a green forester that didn't have a roof rack. I was all "that's my car!!" We checked the sales quote I got and the vins matched. It was my car!!!

The sales guy said, ok, I need your car key to do the inspection. I dropped a hand made Hello Kitty key on the table.
While the Mazda was inspected, Eric and I sat in the forester and messed with everything. Yes, maple hill sales guy in Kalamazoo, the extra 1.4" does make a difference. It's possible the Ogre having recently gotten his lovely locks cut  added to the awesome amount of head room in this car.

The sales guy was all, "uh, yeah, let's come over here and talk about your trade in."


That's below the average for our car in "fair" aka shitty shape. With all the problems, and *radio edit* light, and *radio edit* light, and raccoon home, broken windshield, non functional locks, and the Hello Kitty duct tape non alarm system car keys, we were hoping for $1000.

We played the game. "Oh, ok. $2700. Well, that' all...what we were expecting."

While the Ogre went out to clean out the car, the sales guy was like, "so, paint sealant, stain shield on the interior $399, you need that." I politely declined. While in my head I thought two things:

1. If I was selling this car I would have sold me the protection package, a cargo mat, storage nets, and a car bra. Add on sales! Mo money.

2. We are going to mess this car up. No amount of stain guard is going to help.

Here's the last look at the Mazda...

First Mazda Adventure

Random, what?!

 I feel like it's the end of an era. I started Knit with Snot for You with a Mazda post, I think I've just ended it with a Mazda post.

Thanks for all the fun!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back in Michigan

After a week in Florida, it's nice to be back with the fam. Even if It does mean being up close and personal with the Polar Vortex. Or is it Arctic Vortex? Extreme Crap Ton of Snow.
Honestly, this is part of Pig 2's outdoor gear.

Gear also includes a jacket, snow pants, boots and mittens. 15 mins, tops and they need to come back in.

The dogs dogs sure like it.

School was canceled Friday through Tuesday, with an afternoon start half day today.

I had to call into work to take the kids to school. No, not because I don't trust the bus. I strongly believe in public transport. It's because Pig 2 switched from playing the bus sized trombone, to the needs a personal motorcade tuba.

Of course that kid would end up with a tuba.

On the drive home from the airport, I asked about the dogs. I'm not sure what exact words the  Ogre said, but I think this is close, "Your dogs are shit eating destroyers." Yep. I think he nailed it.

Still, I'll can handle the snow and poop eating hounds as long as I've got my Ogre and the pigs with me.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

You're going, by yourself?

I ofteb take a week long vacation without the pigs. Sure, sure, I day drink,
visit exciting, historic locales

and generally have a relaxed fun time.
I also manage to goof around a bit. What does a coquina wall taste like? After all those years, it still tastes like fish.

But, I miss my boys!

See you Sunday, Ogre, and Pigs 1,2,3!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another day roughing it

I'm finally understand why people question my love of camping. Here at Pam and Dan's I'm warm, there's coffee in the am, beer in the afternoon
nice dinners and if you're lucky , dessert twice a day.

But, there's just something about walking a quarter mile at 2 am to use the bathroom. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ah, Venice....

Ok, I'm actually in Florida. When you leave Michigan and it's 26 degrees, and you arrive in Florida and it's rocking 57 degrees, you may as well call it Venice.

Here I am at the bar with Pam and Dan. It was pointed out to me that Pam and Dan look suspiciously like a glass of beer. It's true. They are beer.

Pam, aka PK or Mom, has a lovely pink bedroom for me to stay it. It even comes equipped with a clock that chimes on the hour and a creepy doll.
I was, and sometimes still am an awful daughter. I hated pink, and dolls, and well, my poor mom just wanted a pink baby. I was more of a red/orange baby. 
This probably more than explains the pink room, the doll, but the clock, that's for time keeping. As I recall, it may have also been a major award.

What are the Ogre and the Pigs up to? About a foot of snow.

I think I'll just hang with the parents for the week and skip the second round of Polar Vortex. Silly Northerners.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How Would I know, I am French

Today is the second day of school for the Pigs.

I know this because, well, I've sent them off to the bus, twice.  I also know this because I was able to get groceries, and run all my errands without buying 3 ice cream cones.

I also know this because I've already been to the Middle School Office saying "I can volunteer, pretty much, like, whenever."

Why was I in the office on the 2nd day of school, in the first place?  Uh, I'm like the most random, sort of laid back Tiger Mom? Yes. Seriously. Me a Tiger Mom. I went into the office and asked why my kid had 2 marking periods of Art and no computer course.

Yeah, that's because he's in 6th grade, and I was trying to get him into a 7th grade class.  I'd like to point out that it was an accident. I didn't realize he was in 6th grade.